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Frequently Asked Questions

My husband lost our house keys, should I change my locks at home?

You don’t have to re-key your house locks because it will only cost you lots of money. You don’t have to spend lots of money to ensure your home’s safety.

Yes, it is possible to re-key your house lock and associate it to one key only. As a matter of fact, many business and house owners are doing this.

What type of lock is most effective when it comes to securing business and home properties?

The most excellent security lock we recommend is the Medeco Lock. These locks might be too costly for other home owners but they are ideal for business owners. These locks are exclusively purchase from Medeco dealer only and they are not available to other lock dealers. These locks are carefully chosen and their keys will only be duplicated when an identification or authorization is presented. For business owners who want to use a master key system for their establishment, Medeco locks have a wide variety of keying options for them. For residential owners, they can also use Medeco locks but, Kwikset and Schlage locks are ideal for overall security for your home

My kids always misplaces and forgets their spare house keys. Can you provide solution for my situation?

Lots of locksmith companies are now providing a more smooth looking keyless entry lock for conscious home owners. This type of lock operates without a key, each family member will access the lock using a pass code that they can type into the lock pad to open the lock. These locks are operated by different programming options. From the basic to the advanced options, the contractor will guide you to access it. You don’t have to worry about any malfunction because these locks have battery backup system and key override to prevent lockout situation when anything goes wrong.

Are keyless entry ideal for commercial owners?

Certainly! There are numerous kinds of keyless entry systems specifically designed for commercial establishments. One option is a commercial keyless entry lock that allows employees to have key fob or key car to have access to the building. We have other state-of-the-art lock systems and technology that can help secure and safeguard your business establishment from thieves and bad elements lurking around. Our high end and top notch security systems will help make your commercial establishment safe and secure all the time. We also provide CCTV unit installation and set-up for commercial enterprises.

I want my office door to be locked all the time so that I can control access. What solution would you recommend for me?

An intercom system is the ideal solution to your problem. A tiny camera will be placed at the top of your door and a monitor will be set up in your store. Your office will benefit from an effective CCTV set up and installation. Your business will surely benefit from this offer as well. Give us a call to know more about our other offers and security solutions that we can customize for you and your business today.

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